Safe + Secure has been launched as a result of increased awareness about the risks to which documentary filmmakers expose themselves - and their crews, subjects and sources - in order to bring important stories to the world.

In response to this field-wide need, Doc Society has been working with experts to develop tools for both filmmakers and funders to help mitigate risks, be they digital, legal, journalistic, or related to safety and health.

These Safe + Secure resources - including a common protocol, a resource-rich handbook and issue-checklists - will be made publicly available on this website later in 2017.

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  • Safe + Secure was initiated in 2016 by a meeting of independent documentary funders who signed up to this joint project to be led by Doc Society: Bertha Foundation, Catapult Fund, Chicken & Egg, Chicago Media Project, Compton Foundation, Filmmaker Fund, Fledgling Fund, Ford Foundation, Hartley Film Fund, HBO, IDA, Impact Partners, ITVS, Liminal Fund, MacArthur Foundation, Media Impact Funders, POV, Sundance Institute, Wyncote Foundation

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